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IQOS Heets Silver Label

HEETS Silver: refined and soft tobacco flavor.

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Heets Silver


The Heets Silver sticks for IQOS have found an updated filter. It does not have an air pocket, but there is a gel layer that prevents hot smoke from entering the respiratory tract of a smoker. In the process of smoking under the influence of temperature, the substance from the gel layer turns into solid (sintering). Another innovation is a two-layer tobacco shell: under the outer paper layer is a thin foil. It acts as a thermal insulator, maintaining the heating temperature. Also through it does not flow heated glycerine and the paper layer does not get wet.

Heets Silver Selection
In the HEETS Silver Label flavour new mix you can feel refreshing notes.
The package is made in silver and white tones. The appearance of the stick is similar to its predecessors: the same three stripes with different color saturation. Inside the stick there are glued tobacco strips.

Flavour features
Fruit or menthol flavorings are not added to the silver ones. They consist exclusively of dried and compressed tobacco. Manufacturers use selected leaves dried in the sun to create tobacco blocks. Only the aroma and flavor of real tobacco can be felt when smoking.

Where to buy?
You can buy sticks for IQOS HEETS Silver (block 10 packs) in the online store, as well as to clarify the availability at the nearest point where to buy the product will be most convenient. We offer delivery all over the UAE. Don’t waste time anymore and try this excellent replacement for the harmful cigarettes.




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