Heets purple label

IQOS Heets Purple Label

Flavorful tobacco experience of Purple Label HEETS surprise with a crisp cooling sensations infused with delicious aroma of dark forest fruits.

HEETS Purple Label has a minting flavor of toasted tobacco blend with dark forest fruit.

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heets purple label flavor

HEETS Purple Label flavor

HEETS Purple Dubai

Purple Wave HEETS - Fresh Berry
This taste of HEETS Purple Label is positioned as - "Berry refreshing", at the same time literal translation of the name - "Purple Wave". This marketing trick has nothing in common with the smoking process, but at the same time, the berry flavor starts to be felt from the middle of the stick. The main aroma is saturated menthol.

You can make a clear and honest conclusion after trying IQOS HEETS Purple Wave that these sticks are the most long-playing and not annoying, probably because of the double taste. Everyone will find something for themselves in both menthol and berries, if we compare them with other tastes of HEETS products. You always can buy a HEETS Purple pack just to compare it to other HEETS you already have tried. By the way, our online store will give you the lowest HEETS Purple Label price if you purchase the block, not just one pack.

The place of production of sticks should be paid attention. At the very beginning, this product appeared on the Arabic market in the form of sticks produced in Italy and Milan. Having compared this fact and the time, we can safely say that the production cycle has been launched fully and by the quality of products manufactured in UAE, the company Philip Morris is working seriously to improve. Since the HEETS Purple Wave sticks, and previously they were simply called IQOS HEETS Purple, are the most in demand, we can conclude that people also recognize this taste as the best.

The taste features - HEETS Purple Label

The taste features - HEETS Purple Label flavor comes with notes of menthol. And it is the berries with menthol, not vice versa. The first puff hits the throat pretty hard, and then the flavor opens nicely with blackberries and menthol.

If you are the person who hated menthol in regular cigarettes, you will definitely appreciate it in these sticks since everything is balanced. They are not luscious, eyes do not fall out of menthol, tobacco saturation is almost not felt, but despite this, you get stoned with sticks. Of all HEETS sticks, these ones have enough steam. Because usually, there is almost no steam.

Saturation Heets Purple Wave

Purple wave is the third stick between Orange and Yellow.
During the session you can feel a sweet and tart fresh feeling. After smoking there is absolutely no smell in the room, only a slight chill in the mouth. There is also no smell in the hands. We would like to emphasize this, because after smoking the same orange, you can smell tobacco in the room and from the mouth. Not like cigarettes, of course, but you can smell it.Like the other sticks, Heets Purple wave has an updated filter. It does not have an air pocket, but there is a gel layer, which prevents hot smoke (steam) from getting into the lungs.

Another innovation is a tobacco casing, which consists of two layers. Under the outer paper layer is a thin foil, which acts as a thermal insulator, maintaining the temperature of heating.

The taste of Purple wave sticks is an everyday option. A lot of users smoke these sticks to change with Amber Label in order to diversify the familiar flavor.
It is unlikely that youHEETS Purple label since they are really one of the best and quite deservedly considered the most popular.




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