IQOS heets green zing label

IQOS HEETS Green Label

Crisp, zesty and fresh tobacco experience of Green Zing Label HEETS delight with a cooling menthol taste sensation infused with citrus and spicy herbal notes

HEETS Green Zing Label has a minting flavor of toasted tobacco blend with citrus and spicy herbs

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heets lime

IQOS Heets Green Zing flavour - tobacco and citrus with menthol

IQOS HEETS Green Label - best citrus flavor

The tutu of HEETS Green Label is simple, like all other sticks, the difference is only in color - salad. Standard sticks - 20 pieces in a tutu, divided by 10 pieces on the left and right sides of the tutu. The inscriptions are mixed somewhere gray, somewhere green for the color of the tutu pack.

Taste Description Heets Green label

The filter itself is similar to a regular cigarette, but in the middle there is a cellulose insert, which hardens after smoking. It is in all HEETS products not only in the Green HEETS Label. The insert is made of polyamide acid, which is one of the most common biopolymers in the world. Polyamide acid is extracted from sugar cane or starch. This insert removes excess moisture from tobacco vapor, thus cooling it, and it changes its color and appearance during use. At the end of the session, it hardens.

Fragrance Heets Green Selection:

It seemed to be light, fresh and a little citrus. If you compare it with other styles, it is more like a feminine flavor. There is no excessive mint, only a pleasant, light freshness. There is no luscious chemical flavor, only a slight pleasant aroma. There is no flavor of burnt straw in the mouth as after the sticks of other colors, the same Yellow, Bronze.

We recommend them for those who have little experience of smoking or if you do not like strong cigarettes.

Among the advantages

  • Smoking is easy compared to other sticks.
  • There is plenty of smoke.
  • Brightly packed.
  • Has a pleasant unobtrusive taste of lime and mint.
  • Does not leave an unpleasant aftertaste in the mouth.
  • Calculated only for the IQOS device (at least so the manufacturer claims).
  • You get high just like with a regular cigarette.
  • Teeth do not turn yellow.
  • Does not leave an unpleasant smell on clothes and hands.

  • The price of the sticks is a bit different compared to other heatsticks.
  • This product is harmful to health.
  • It is addictive.

But overall HEETS Green Zing flavor better than regular cigarettes. The sense of smell is returning by using the sticks. The quality of life is improving after trying Green Zing. Does not leave an unpleasant smell from clothes and hands. We offer you to buy HEETS Green Zing sticks in our store for the best prices.




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