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IQOS HEETS Bronze Label

Deep, rich and intense, Bronze Label HEETS deliver a full and satisfying tobacco taste sensation infused with cocoa and dry fruit aroma notes

HEETS Bronze Label has a flavor of tobacco blend with cocoa and dry fruit

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Taste Heets Bronze tobacco with notes of cocoa


IQOS is a heating system. It does not comply with the requirements of anti-tobacco legislation. In IQOS devices, tobacco does not burn, but warms up. It is believed that this reduces the harm to health, and the taste of tobacco is even better revealed. The goods for IQOS are called not cigarettes, but sticks. They are sold under the brand name HEETS.

Packaging design - HEETS Bronze

The package is packed in white-brown colors, emphasizing the cigarette name. In front of the box is the company name and the taste of the product. Manufacturers indicated the amount inside, on the side - in each pack there are 20 of them

The laconic approach has become a feature of the company. It concerns packages with sticks and the devices themselves. The IQOS HEETS Bronze have no special design: the sticks of all tastes are wrapped in white paper, on which the filter lines are squeezed. Stick size is similar to a match. However, despite its small size, this option can replace ordinary cigarettes, giving an unforgettable and rich taste of tobacco.

Bronze brand of IQOS sticks, with a bright chocolate flavor and a soft cocoa aftertaste with dried fruits. Very similar to Captain black chocolate. Tobacco lovers with deep chocolate flavor will appreciate it. Bronze label HEETS taste like pipe tobacco from WO Larssen. It feels like HEETS Bronze aroma was made with quality and on conscience to surprise.

What did the smokers like about the HEETS Bronze taste? They are more tart, you can feel the notes of cocoa, pleasant smell, pleasant outcome of smoking.

The stick itself has become denser, those who have taken the HEETS sticks for more than one month, probably know that quite often when the stick is heated it does not smoke, you have to stretch it and so on.

About the strength of the stick Bronze Heets

It was in the Bronze Sticks where the users discovered the perfect saturation.
The Yellow sticks are not very strong, and the Orange are as well not that harsh, but the cognac taste is not 100% satisfied the lovers of HEETS. Soft, light chocolate flavor and tart, a bit bitter taste - this is what you will like. In short, the bronze sticks are most similar to the classic taste of cigarettes. Nothing has changed in the packaging itself, the standard one, but its color is the same as the name (Bronze). The sticks in the package are standard 20, tobacco looks the same as in packs of other colors.

The best way to purchase the heatsticks is to get it by blocks. You can buy HEETS Bronze in our shop online. The HEETS Bronze price will surprise you if you will decide to get more than one block.




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