Amber Label

Balanced & Roasted Smooth and subtly flavorful, Amber Label HEETS deliver a beautifully balanced tobacco taste sensation defined by pleasingly woody and light nutty top notes.
HEETS Amber Label has woody flavor of toasted tobacco blend with nut.

AED115 AED129


HEETS Amber 

This is a standard (for many already familiar) tutu, measuring 7.5 cm (length) x 5 cm (height). Very compact size, compared to a regular cigarette pack, and such sticks will fit in any pocket.
The difference is in color. At sticks HEETS Amber upper edge - bright orange.

Inside a used stick:
It does not differ in appearance from the unused stick, except for the blackness inside (burnout effect). The paper in which the glued tobacco sticks are wrapped is thick, with foil.

In terms of taste, we can say that it is really brighter than, for example, HEETS Yellow Label sticks, while the latter have a softer taste. The flavour of the Amber HEETS sticks is without any brightly expressed aromatic additives or any special flavors. Soft, not very strong, the very thing. Slightly gives some oak motives. Sometimes you might catch the notes of "bathhouse" in the smell and taste, which is not bad, but difficult to explain.

These sticks really have the property of "pleasure". The manufacturer do not lie. And yet, we want to add that the taste is very simple. This is what most users like. No buttons with mint, lemon, currant or the smell of forest pranksters. No impurities in the style of "luxury and delirium", just delicious tobacco.

Advantages :
+ availability, you can buy both everywhere in Saudi Arabia and UAE stores
+ convenient size
+ one stick is enough
+ acceptable price
- might seem too strong

You are welcome to buy HEETS Amber label at the official stores all over Saudi Arabia (we do the cheapest delivery to Jeddah and Riyadh). Our HEETS Amber price is the lowest among other tobacco shops in Saudi Arabia. 




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